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Maximize Savings On Energy Expenditures While Improving Procurement Efficiency

Tradition Energy, one of the world’s largest and most experienced  full-service energy management and procurement advisors, is proud to be the exclusive Energy Management and Consulting Supplier for the U.S. Communities Program, a national purchasing cooperative developed by government agencies utilizing the pooled power of public agencies nationwide.

U.S. Communities provides world class procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education, and nonprofits.

Many organizations that buy energy don’t realize that rates can be competitively bid or how the volatility of electricity prices can impact their overall energy costs. Depending on market conditions, using an energy advisor can often reduce overall energy costs or stabilize rates, so budgeting is easier and sustainability goals are addressed. Even in states where energy is not deregulated, services such as analyzing tariff rates and auditing energy bills can identify opportunities for saving or improved efficiencies.

3 Ways Tradition Energy & U.S. Communities Work To Your Advantage

1. Maximize Savings On Energy Expenditures

Tradition Energy’s full suite of services is specifically designed to help public agencies reduce, control and manage all energy related costs impacting their bottom line. On average, Tradition Energy saves public agencies 15-20% more versus their internal procurement activities.

2. Save You Time & Money

With the Energy Consulting & Management Services Contract (#2013-069), competitively solicited by the City of Mesquite, Texas, public agencies will be provided comprehensive advice in managing their energy expenditures and the most competitive pricing available in the public sector.  This contract fulfills the bidding requirements via the Joint Powers or Inter-local Contracting Authority of each state and allows government entities to avoid the time consuming and expensive process of issuing their own RFP.

3. Contract Value – Even If Your Agency Is NOT Required To Publicly Bid Utilities

Regardless of whether your agency is required to conduct a competitive solicitation for utilities or not, the U.S. Communities program ensures the maximum amount of competition to drive prices lower, producing savings and better control over your energy budget.

Tradition Energy – U.S. Community Energy Consulting & Management Services

Energy Procurement & Supply Management
• Supplier vetting, customized reverse-auction RFPs
Market Research & Intelligence
• Primary research reporting, energy market insight and pricing
Strategic Risk Management
• Exposure analysis, hedging recommendations
Data Management & Reporting
• Usage/cost tracking, budgeting/forecasting, performance monitoring
Tariff Rate & Tax Analysis 
• Utility bill audits and cost recovery
Bill Processing & Payment
• Process, validate, and pay utility invoices
• Renewable energy procurement
Demand-Side Management
• Energy efficiency audits, compliance reporting
Client Service
• Rate verification, account switching, issue resolution
Client Education
• Risk Management, Price Forecast, product and service seminars and webinars

Tradition Energy – U.S. Communities Program Manager