Energy Data Management Services
and Reporting

Energy Data Management Services

Manage Energy and Sustainability Programs More Effectively

You have to measure energy in order to manage it. With Tradition Energy’s next generation, proprietary energy data management platform, TEAMView, you’ll be able to magnify your energy activities and measure them more effectively. The Tradition Energy Analytics Manager brings enhanced transparency and insight to energy data usage and spend enabling energy managers to make more informed energy management decisions that lead to savings.
The TEAMView platform allows you to manage, analyze and report on complete facility usage and cost data through a single, user-friendly platform. The web-based portal provides access to four types of energy information:

1. Account Data
  • Personalized energy dashboard with multiple customization setting
  • Account mapping for quick geo-identification of facility data
  • Database of supply agreements and utility invoices
2. Usage & Cost Reporting
  • Uploads of utility bills and energy data
  • Budget forecasting
  • Energy performance benchmarking
  • Cost breakdowns, supply rates, usage, and facility comparisons
3. Market Prices & Research
  • Historical wholesale and index prices for electricity and natural gas zones/ hubs
  • Market research report database
4. Sustainability Reporting
  • Track environmental impact
  • Measure sustainability goals

The best way to evaluate the power of Tradition Energy’s TEAMView energy data management platform is via a live demonstration.  To request a demo,  click here.

Utility Bill Auditing and Rate Analysis

These services help you identify utility billing errors and recover costs from past invoices and from ongoing expenditures related to more appropriate delivery tariffs.  Utility bill audits can be performed on historical bills and on a “going forward” basis.  Service areas audited include:

  • Tariff analysis optimization;
  • Eligibility for beneficial tariff riders such as economic development discounts;
  • Rate trials;
  • Pilot programs;
  • Bill compliance with service contracts;
  • Potential metering irregularities requiring meter testing;
  • Potential cost-reductions from combining (or splitting) services;
  • State & local taxes and franchise fees;
  • Sustainability and renewable energy surcharges.

Utility Bill Processing and Payment Services

These services involve everything from mail handling, to bill auditing, expediting late notices and eliminating fees, to data feeds and compliance with client proprietary systems and finance standards.  The solution also includes a robust reporting mechanism that will provide the following:

  • Analytic Reports: Variance, tolerance, benchmark, bill analysis, rolling 12 months, load factor, weather, gap/overlap, meter/rate change, and others
  • Financial reports: Processed or paid bills for a specified time period listed by sites or to specific vendors. Reports cover transactions, funds requested, processing performance, late fees, bill adjustments, missing bills, balance due, and others.
  • Environmental Reports: GHG reporting calculates Greenhouse Gases based on a selected Emission Source(s). Global Warming Potential (GWP) is calculated for selected emission types, and then converted to metric tons of CO2. Recycling reports display the number of pages of paper that are recycled on the client’s behalf.

The best way to understand the full potential of Utility Bill Processing and Payment Services in reducing energy costs is via a live demonstration.  To request a demo, please click here.

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