Energy Market Research & Intelligence

Energy Market Research

Tradition Energy is the only full-service energy consulting firm with a leading global presence in both the retail and wholesale energy markets thereby providing our clients access to wholesale energy prices and information unparalleled among energy consultants.  Our primary market research and monitoring products, which are a result of our direct, deep involvement in the wholesale energy markets are produced by our Market Research Group.  We are consistently recognized in the industry as the number one wholesale/retail energy market research expert.

We enable transactions every minute of every trading day in the global energy markets.  Our daily market reports and analyses are used by suppliers to set the next day’s prices.  The most respected news organizations utilize us extensively as a primary source for their energy market news and analysis.

We don’t ask others where the price of energy is or where it’s going — they ask us.

As a wholesale energy broker, Tradition Energy is a neutral intermediary between energy buyers and sellers transacting up to $80 billion of energy a month.  Knowledge relating to trends and volatility in the markets is shared with our retail energy advisory and procurement business and its clients to assist them in making optimal procurement decisions.  Capitalizing on our unique market intelligence, our Market Research Group continuously produces energy market reports, and white papers covering in-depth analysis of important  issues.  In this regard, Tradition Energy is unique among energy advisors because we do not rely upon secondary information from data sources or media and publications for our market information; rather, we are a primary source that derives that information through the normal course of our advisory activity in the wholesale markets.

Regulatory and Legislative Analysis

Tradition Energy also tracks regulatory and legislative developments through its Market Research and Intelligence Group, which keeps our clients up-to-date on issues that may affect their organization’s energy and sustainability programs and alerts them to ongoing opportunities to reduce energy expenditures.  These areas include:

  • Avoiding cost by identifying preferable regulated rate options;
  • Capturing procurement opportunities in partially deregulated markets;
  • Identifying carbon reporting initiatives mandated or encouraged by taxes and penalties;
  • Ensuring compliance by understanding state and federal tax laws;
  • Adjusting energy management in accordance with changing utility taxes.
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