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Tradition Energy is one of the world’s largest and most experienced full-service energy consulting firms serving more than 1,100 commercial, industrial and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 global companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities. We are an independent, unbiased and transparent client advocate. We assist our clients in managing their energy price risk exposure and in developing and implementing risk management strategies to control and reduce their electricity and natural gas expenditures.

Tradition Energy is part of the Tradition Group, a leading institutional broker of financial products and commodities with over 2,400 employees in 28 countries.

Full-Service Energy Management Solutions

Energy Procurement & Supply Management
• Electricity, natural gas, and fuels
• Supplier vetting and management
• Customized reverse-auction RFPs
Strategic Risk Management
• Exposure analysis
• Hedging recommendations
Market Research & Intelligence
• Wholesale energy market access and pricing
• Primary research reports
• Regulatory and legislative tracking
Post-Contractual Client Service
• Rate verification, and account switching
• Account and billing issue resolution
Data Management & Reporting
• Usage and cost tracking
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Performance monitoring
Tariff Rate & Tax Analysis 
• Utility bill audits and cost recovery
Bill Processing & Payment
• Process, validate, and pay utility invoices
• Renewable energy procurement
Demand-Side Management
• Demand Response programs
• Energy efficiency audits
Client Education
• Two-day Energy Risk Management Seminars
• Energy Price Forecast Seminars & Webinars
• Monthly product & service webinars

What Sets Tradition Energy Apart

• Advising clients in energy commodities markets since 1986
• Trusted advisor to more than 1,100 commercial, industrial and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities
• Over 38 billion kWh in energy usage and more than $10.5 billion in annualized energy spend currently managed
• “Best practices” originating from our experience with clients nationwide result in the best customized solutions
• 95% of our clients say that our “strategic recommendations are making a positive or very positive contribution to their enterprise” and 97% say they are “likely or very likely to use our service again.”
Wholesale Market Knowledge & Expertise
• Retail (C&I) advisory business evolved from our 30 years’ experience as a global wholesale energy broker
• Recognized as a leading energy market research expert and primary source for market intelligence
• Unparalleled access to wholesale energy markets, prices and information that translates into better informed decisions and additional savings
• The scale and nature of our business result in more energy suppliers competing for our clients’ business and offering better prices
Independent, Unbiased & Transparent
• Complete price transparency
• Our advisors work solely for our clients. Supplier pricing and contract negotiation are separated from the advisory team
• Independent. Not part of a company that markets electrical, metering, HVAC or related equipment, or supplies energy
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